Anna Meschiari – At Once

Anna Meschari – At Once

Book Title: At Once
Printed Material / Technique: Digital Printing on recycled paper, cover inkjet on offset paper
Print Run / Edition Size: 50

Anna Meschari – At Once from Photobook Club on Vimeo.
The videos on this site are not designed to replicate the experience of reading these works, instead they aim to give a flavour of the interaction of the body with the book and a sense of scale. To see the works for yourself, head here. 

Book Description: In this project, I am primarily concerned with changes in the state of the human body. It is a questioning of the spasms that are related to the duality of being, which I accept and then try to exploit in the photograph. This work touches on several aspects of being a woman, pain, abandonment, emotions that usually remain hidden, especially in the presence of several «me».

The self-portraits taken with a character-crazy laugh, create a line at a time uninterrupted interspersed with pictures coexisting in the same spirit of storytelling.

Biography: Anna was born in 1987 in the italian part of Switzerland. After graduating in college she studied Photography at the School for Photography of Vevey (2006-2008). She lives in Berlin since September 2008, where she has studied one year with the photographer Jonas Maron at the Ostkreuz School for Photography. October 2009 – July 2011 she studied Communicationsdesign at the University of applied Sciences in Berlin. January 2010 she cofounded exp12 / exposure twelve with other 11 photographers. Since September 2012 she is living in Vevey (Switzerland), where she is continuing her studies in Photography and in Berlin.

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