Birgit Krause – Planetes

Birgit Krause – Planetes

Book Title: Plánētes
Printed Material / Technique: Offset
Print Run / Edition Size: 100

Birgit Krause – Planetes from Photobook Club on Vimeo.
The videos on this site are not designed to replicate the experience of reading these works, instead they aim to give a flavour of the interaction of the body with the book and a sense of scale. To see the works for yourself, head here. 

Book Description : P L A N E T E S (ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ) When did time begin and where does space end? Why is there something rather than nothing? Ancient questions! Every now and then you must be allowed to reach for the stars.
Biography : Birgit Krause born in Hildesheim, lives and works as a freelance photographer and picture editor in Berlin. She has a degree in Arts and Cultural Studies from the University of Bremen. Birgit Krause has been studying at the Ostkreuzschule for Photography, with Sibylle Bergemann, Arno Fischer and Ute Mahler.

The submitted book “Planetes” has evolved under the faculty committee of Prof. Ute Mahler 2013 at OSTKREUZSCHULE for Photography in Berlin. She had several exhibitions in Germany.

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