Emiliano Biondelli – Thunder

Emiliano Biondelli – Thunder

Book  Title : THUNDER
Printed Material / Technique and 
size: 240 mm x170 mm x 1700 mm (folding binding) 12 pictures, full color, Fujifilm Crystal Archive 14 pages, hard cover, blue fabric, silver stamp
Print Run / Edition Size : 25

Emiliano Biondelli – Thunder from Photobook Club on Vimeo.
The videos on this site are not designed to replicate the experience of reading these works, instead they aim to give a flavour of the interaction of the body with the book and a sense of scale. To see the works for yourself, head here. 

Book Description : The project Thunder is about the airfield where remote control planes can fly near to the small airport “Gastone Novelli”; here registered people at the group G.A.R. are allowed to train and practice. A great advantage offered by the aircraft models is that they allow hobbyists to take a “divine” point of view, a sort of illusory “eye of god”, that puts in apparent condition of superiority who created the model in question.The activity of production & “customization” of the pieces produced in series, reveals the appearance of great competition among amateurs, in particular, in the “game” of Airplanes- modelling individualism coexist with a sense of belonging to the hobbyist’s group, in fact it makes no sense spectacularly “customizing” their own aircraftmodel, not either to perform in risky stunts, if not for their audience of faithful “playmates”. A sort of magic circle is being created, like a club or a tribe, with their own language, with a code of rules that you are forbidden to break or you are out from the group. The first priority is being the best “simulator” among the others. The aircraftmodels are personalized and fun representations of real aircrafts and really close to the airfield the real airport is operating, and with its activity it considerably resizes the ambitions of modelers who can compete with regular airplanes, winning in skill, chromaticism and absence of risks to the pilot. The control of the vehicles becomes virtual as simulated on a smaller scale, and the more the object is miniaturized and seductive the larger are the hobbyist’s vanity and his ambition to be well considered as a champion, even if just for a few minutes.

Bio : Born in Ravenna on the 1976 and graduated in History of Contemporary Art. He’s actually working on blisterZine (selfpublishing house) and NASTYNASTY© (artistic project on photography and video with Valentina Venturi). He usually investigates about people living in “nonlieux” and about people who share their hobbies obsessively. Photography, Video and Photobooks, are the three main areas in which he experiments and develps his project, trying also to investigate on photography’s grammar. Main Exhibitions December 2012, The End, Miami Beach Regional Library, Miami, curated by Jean Moreno and Celeste Prize , with Valentina Venturi (NASTYNASTY©). August 2012, DIY: Photographers and Books, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, 2012 January 2013, This Age, Galleria A+A, Venice, curated by Alessandra Carini and IED Venice, with Valentina Venturi (NASTYNASTY©). October 2013, Thunder, MyCamera, Ravenna curated by Alessandra Dragoni.

Link : http://www.blisterZine.com/books/thunder.htm
Email: bionyc@tiscali.it
Website : www.emilianophoto.tumblr.com / blisterzine. com 

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