Zoé Beausire – Where the Birds Used to Sing

Zoé Beausire – Where The Birds Used To Sing

Book Title: Where The Birds Used To Sing
Printed Material / Technique: Digital
Print Run / Edition Size: 21 cm X 29,7 cm

Zoé Beausire – Where The Birds Used To Sing from Photobook Club on Vimeo.
The videos on this site are not designed to replicate the experience of reading these works, instead they aim to give a flavour of the interaction of the body with the book and a sense of scale. To see the works for yourself, head here. 

Book Description : The books contains twelve black & white photographs of birds and trees. The photobook has an innovative format, it’s unbound and offers a collection of 12 posters. When the pages are flipped as a traditional book, you will get a mix of images (half bird-half tree). You can play with the format and find new sequences.

With this project I wanted to experiment with my vision of nature. I wanted to fragment the forms that I found in the nature in order to show a poetic vision of the brutality of the real.

Biography : Zoé Beausire (b.1987) is a Swiss photographer living in Berlin. She is graduated from ECAL, Lausanne University of Art in 2010. Her work is focused on documentary photography and how telling stories is a way of questioning reality. Her photographs have also been exhibited at Kominek Gallery, Berlin and her last Book was part of the exhibition “Livres” at Outono Photo Festival in Spain. She published “Rosette, Mauricette et Roby” with Kominek in 2012 and self-published “Where the Birds Used to Sing” in 2013.

Link : www.zoebeausire.ch/birds_book/index.html

Email Address: zoebeausire@yahoo.fr
Website: www.zoebeausire.ch

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